• Why use social media?

    Social media is a quick yet powerful way to provide up-to-date news and information for your organisation.

    Tweets are the quickest and easiest and have the additional advantage of putting a lot of fresh content into your website if embedded (as we have below) which is helpful for your site rank with search engines such as Google.

    Blogs do the same job but with more content and can build into a useful repository of information and a history of your organisation.


Our Twitter feed

As we have here, you can easily link your Twitter feed directly into any page on your website just by adding a simple block of code. The page will fetch the latest tweets and display them, which means that if you are tweeting, then you will always have fresh content on your page, which is great for your search engine profile.


Our blog

Our blog has its own home: click here but we also show the content below.