• Keeping a site up to date

    A good site is one that is regularly refreshed with new text, images and other media content. Self managed or content managed sites give you as site owner great flexibility and control over site content.

    You will be able to manage the content of your with no technical knowledge, no software to install, be able to make changes from any internet-enabled device and make changes any time, anywhere.


Content management systems

A good website is both always up to date and regularly changed or refreshed. Websites that never change can present a bad impression of you organisation, customers cannot be sure whether you are still in business with no indications or recent updates and search engines will rank an unchanging site lower than one that is refreshed.

  • Outsourced updating - here we will undertake the upkeep of your website on a pay-as-you-go or retained cost basis. When you want to make a change, you send us the changes and we will udertake those for you within a maximum of 6 hours.
  • Onsite editing - we will install an editing programme into your hosting account which will allow you to make small or large changes to text, upload pictures, install documents and add/remove pages. We use either an HTML WYSIWYG editor or an adapted commercial blogging programme depending on the nature of the site. You can make changes whenever and where ever you like - there's no software so you are not tied to a specific computer. You can edit your site from any computer (Mac or PC) with an internet connection.
  • Blogging - running a blog on your site is an excellent way to keep your content fresh. Not only does it provide new content, it is also an excellent way to provide customers and potential customers with news and information about your business.

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Self-managed sites

A self-managed site is flexible and convenient, requires no technical knowledge of website coding and it allows instant updating of your site.

  • Change text
  • Refresh images
  • Create and change links
  • Upload and link to documents
  • Create new pages
  • Remove unwanted pages
  • Run blogs
  • Operate discussion forums
  • Automatic archiving
  • No software to install
  • Edit anywhere