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    strikingly simple is a website builder with 10 years' experience of delivering attractive and well functioning sites. We use the term 'builder' rather than 'designer' as know that performance of a site and the solving of delivery problems are at least as important as making a good looking site.

    We believe our sites are built to be robust business tools capable of making your presence on the internet play a key role in growing our business.


Who are we?

Strikingly Simple was set up in 2003 by Robin Hardy as one of a small number of multimedia business within Cameron Hardy Limited We are a UK limited company No. 4965762 at Companies House and we are VAT registered: No. 882 4421 18.

Our core principle is that your web site is a key business asset that requires great understanding, care and investment to help drive a business forward. Like all business and marketing propositions a website has little time to hook the visitor and so needs to keep everything simple and straightforward. We use simple, effective and fast code to write our site content and fast, reliable and well connected services to deliver clean and simple web site pages to your customers.

After 16 years working in the financal sector, Robin retired from his position of Director in a German investment bank at the age of 38 to set up a multimedia business. He has always had a interest in the combination of design form & function, it's impact on customers and delivering exactly what is best for the end user of any product. This career left him with in-depth knowledge of how businesses form, grow and expand. It also afforded a great deal of insight and understanding of how the internet business works and how the internet works for business. He is also experienced in dealing with staff and directors at the highest levels in business, including main board directors of FTSE 100 and 250 companies.


Our aims

Our aims and objectives are to deliver you a website that provides the best of both worlds - form and function. While it is nice to have a pretty site, the value of it can be destroyed by poor navigation, slow functionality and core elements either not working or simply missing altogether.

We see a website as a core business asset that requires both initial and on-going investment in order to maximise the trading position and potential of your organisation.

Having worked for a long time in the real business world, we understand very well how businesses work from the smallest to the very largest and we aim to bring as much of that expereince as possible into the applied development of your website.