• Sell to the world

    Selling online allows you to set up a business selling across the globe quickly and at realtively low cost. Whether you are selling one product or 1,000 different lines; whether you're selling products or services an e-commerce website gets you in business.

    Trading websites require more care and attention than other websites but with good management tools you can easily keep on top of things.



Trading online is a complex process but we can help you through it and build a selling enviroment that is good for customers and create a site that enables you to remain on top of things.

There are two basic types of e-commerce sites:

  • Static lines - where you are selling small number of lines or a single product, a static lines site presents a fixed content webpage to customers with a dedicated 'Buy now' button adding the item to the shopping cart. These are more simple sites that do not require a database. Selling more than around 10 separate products lines, you should consider a dynamic pages site. Static sites will use a database but only to record customer data, delivery instructions, customer feedback etc.
  • Dynamic pages - customer pages are generated 'on the fly' usually following clicked options or searches input by the customer. The website searches a database to match the customer input and displays the results on a single page. The 'buy now' buttons are generated automatically and relate the products on display. Dynamic sites require a product management area in which you add or remove products, manage pricing, product descriptions and show availability. You will also have a customer database listing their details, delivery instructions for order and, perhaps, order history.

We will create all of the pivotal elements for your trading wesbite:

  • Bespoke shopping cart - rather than squeeze our products into a standard shopping cart, we create a bespoke shopping cart for each site, collecting precisely the information that you need.
  • Bespoke checkout page - we will design the order summary and checkout pages to your specification rather than trying to make your ordering process fit in to a standard template.
  • Bespoke management zone - the tools for mangaging products and customer information will be shaped around your specific requirements to make managing data as painless as possible.

Payment systems and business banking - You will typically need to have a business banking account as well as an online payment solution. For smaller operations you could use a personal PayPal account but this will have limits. You can use a PayPal business account if you are prepared to upgrade and you can then accept Paypal and debit/credit card payments but note that PayPal does not offer 3D secure card checking. This means that you will be more vulnerable to fraud. We currently recommend using the pay-as-you-go card processing system from Barclaycard - ePDQ Essentials™. This offers fast payments, 3D secure processing and the customer assurance of a global banking brand. Note : we cannot set up banking or card processing for you these companies will only deal with the business owner.

As with standard websites, we build every site from scratch which means that your site will be unique, not re-hashed from any previous development. Unlike some other developers, when you have paid for your site it's 100% yours to take to any hosting company you wish - we will not try to assert any intellectual property rights nor will be charge and 'release fees'. Call us to talk through your specific requirements and we will create your bespoke e-commerce solution.

Trading online

To trade online you need a number of resources in addition to your website:

A payment system is vital

You can use cheques and internet transfers but it is unlikely that people will be happy to buy from you

Payment systems can be expensive

You pay a per transaction fee usually subject to a monthly minimum, say £30. Pay-as-you options are available

Managing logisitcs

Sending products can be expensive, espeically for low value items

Getting people to your site

You need good marketing or advertising to make your business visible. We recommend online, pay-per-click search engine advertising

Manage inventory

Make sure you have the items to sell or that you mark things out of stock

Control access

If you are selling downloadable products or are selling service access, make sure people only access what they have paid for

Keeping data secure

You have a legal obligation to keep customers' data safe and secure