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    Wonderful world of websites

    Websites come in all shapes and sizes, having widely differing functionality. From the most basic to the most complex, websites are a core business tool whether you are a 'bricks & mortar' business or you only operate online.

    Wesbites not only need to look good: more important is a site that works well, so customers can get what they need quickly and easily. Sites also needs to be easy for you to keep up to date.

    We can help you to deliver all you need from your website quickly and easily.


Website development

We develop websites of every kind:

  • Business card - a single page, static website
  • Basic multi-page - fixed content website
  • Dynamic site - a site that changes content in response to visitor input
  • Blog site - a site containing only the pages of a customer's blog
  • Fixed trading site - small range of products, pages have fixed content
  • Dynamic trading site - database driven, displays products in response to visitor input

Whatever stage you are at in the life of your website, we can help:

  • First website for your organisation
  • Established website that needs additional functionality and features as you grow
  • Sites developed some years ago and unmodified that require an update
  • New build or upgrade projects that have gone off the rails - we call this website rescue
  • Conversion to an e-commerce site

We build every site from scratch which means that your site will be unique, not re-hashed from any previous development. Unlike some other developers, when you have paid for your site it's 100% yours to take to any hosting company you wish - we will not try to assert any intellectual property rights nor will we charge any 'release fees'.

Take a look at our portfolio to see the work we have carried out to date. If you would like us to build or update your website for you then either give us a call (why not use our 'call me back' option - we pay for the call), send us your design brief or take a look at our design guides if you are not entirely sure of the look and feel that you would like for your site.

Development checklist

Buy the domain for your site

You may already own one, but if not we
can do that for you

Consider additional domains

If your site is .co.uk it may be worth buying the .com and/or others as well to protect your business' identity

Buy a hosting contract

Ideally we will host your site as it makes things easier, but we will not insist on this

Write your development brief

This is needed for new and upgraded sites - the more detailed, the better

Consider our design guides

These can be very helpful is allowing you to express the look you want by reference rather than description

Agree cost & timeframe

We will usually enter a binding development agreement with you, but not if you prefer

Prepare all written site content

Make sure that you can say everything you need to say as succinctly as possible

Prepare all images for the site

Images straight out of the camera are too big to use and will need to reduced in size. We can do this for you if required

Save download documents as pdf

Word processor documents are 'open' and can be changed. PDFs are non-editable by users. We offer a conversion service if required

Compress any video or audio files

Similar to photos, small file size is important when offering downloads. For media 'streams' playing on site, file size is less significant