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    It is important to keep customers up to date about news, developments and events in which your business is or will be involved.

    On this page we provide inforamtion about all manner of events in which we will be taking part or that we think might be of interest to existing or potential customers.


News and events

June 2024 - we have no upcoming events in which we are involved this month.

October 2015 - Enfield Expo - a local trade show at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield Town. We will be showcasing all of our normal services for websites, hosted business services plus a series of 1-to-1 consultancy sessions with small businesses attending the exhibition.

November 2015 - ACAT Confernece - an annual gathering and conference for church accounts and treasuers in Bloombsbury, London. Again we will be showcasing our normal services plus our bespoke database services for member services management.

December 2015 - we have no upcoming events in which we are involved this month.



So far in 2015...

We moved to a 'mobile-first' development profile meaning that we build all new sites with the expectation that the majority of site visitors will be using mobile devices. This means that the reponsive nature of the site is paramount.

Four days at the CRE in May when we made a large number of great new contacts and came away with some good early site development jobs.

We upgraded our mail servers in August to provide better SSL and TLS connectivity. We also changed our mailserver software and deployed Dovecot IMAP service which has materially sped up mail access on mobile devices.

We have rolled out a wide deployment of SSL certificates to provide much wider secure access across the sites we host.