• Data services

    Many organisations have a lot of membership information and a lot of things that they want or need to do with it. From simply managaing memeber lists to organising rotas to managing mailouts.

    Rather that tyring to make a 'one size fits all solution' work with your needs, let us build a tailored soltion that fits your organisation's requirements perfectly.

    What's more with our solutions there are no on-going monthly or annual charges, just the orginal fee for building your system.


Get a database solution that fits perfectly

Even small organisations can have a great deal of information from its members, a lot of lists to manage, rotas to fill, mailing lists to manage or events to organise.

Controlling, inputing and updating this data can be a lot of work and finding out who is interested in which events or is willing to work on which rotas can involve a lot of chasing people and a lot of dead ends.

We offer a bespoke or tailor-made service to build your church a comprehensive database and accompanying management suite that will allow you to manage and utilise memebership data in exactly the way you need.

Your system will allow members to input and maintain their own data so the workload on your administrators can be reduced. It should also mean that your member data is always more up to date.

Simple on-screen management tools allow your administrators to create lists, rotas, invites, teams or committees quickly and easily. Using interests, preferences and areas of committment input by members you will be presented with all potential members for the task you are looking to establish. Create the event peramaters and assign the eligible or interested members to the task and the job's done. Then you just email the details those assigned to the task.

You can also store documents securly online for set groups and limit access: team leadership, committee members, team leaders, study group members, etc. Grant access to only those members who need to access. Other documents can be stored for wider access such as course materials, study notes or notices related to specific events such as an AGM, a Holiday Club or a training course.

The system can also be used to allow members to post information, updates or requests. Members also have full control of their profile, interests and associations. Members are able to upload a photograph of themselves or their family. Family group associations can be established to allow parents to be sent information on behalf of their children.

Different admin users can be created with differing associations and privilages that will allow or bar access to pre-determined levels of access to information. Users can be permitted to login onluy from the church office or other limited locations or granted access from any computer. Access can also be granted from mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Your system will have no limits:

  • No limit on the number of members
  • Unlimited editors or administrators
  • No limit on document storage
  • Unlimited accesses and data traffic
  • No limit on the number of events created

Unlike other church data systems, we do not have any on-going charges. You simply pay for the development and deployment of the database and management tools plus any future changes or additions that say be required. There are no monthly service or rental charges at all.

What we offer

We can make a data system to deliver exactly what you need but might include:

Member records

Create rotas

Manage rotas

Event management



Info requests

Newsletter submissions

Document libraries


Cource materials

Member controlled input


Unlimited members

Local or hosted

No on-going fees or charges