• The power of one

    Single page websites are a great way for new businesses and organisations to get started on the internet. Old single page sites gave little useful information but modern single-page sites are 'stacked' to give long, srcollable pages and a lot of information on a single website window.

    'Stacked' and scrollable websites give easy access to a large amount of information and are very much in tune with the 'swipeable' method of content access on tablets and smartphones.


Everything you have to say all in one place

Our single pager websites are our entry-level product offering you a quick and inexpensive website development yet a style of site that lets you convey a lot of information that is quick and easy to visitors to access.

There are no menus with different facets of the site instead 'stacked' one on top of another which visitors can quickly scroll through on a desktop or swipe through on a mobile device.

A 'stacked' page with four 'slices' of content including a quick contacts form and an embedded map with three content zones of your choice cost from just from just £69 as a one-off development cost. Your only on-going costs are hosting (from £44) and a domain name (from just £6). So, you can get on the web for little more than £100.

Take a look at an example of a 'stacked' single page website by clicking here.

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A great way to start

Strikingly Simple's single pager websites are an excellent quick and inexpensive way to get your business or organisation on the net without compromising quality or quantity of information.

Get yourself on the net with a smart and attractive website for little more than £100