• Giving you good ideas

    It can be hard to know exactly what you want when picking the look and feel for your website. If you are not sure, we have a large number of design guides on this page that should be able to help you.

    Our design guides are not templates and you can specifiy a design you like by mixing and matching any element from one scheme with those from others. That should enable you to come up with a design specification that is just right.

    We have three ranges of designs for you to view: prime/modern, mid-range and basic.


Design guides - Prime designs

It can be very hard to know exactly what you want when it comes to creating a brief for the design of your website. As a site owner you may not always know what can be built in to site or perhaps know what you want but find it hard to describe it. By having a large number of images of sites available, we believe the job of describing a design brief is made substantially easier: you like the header of No. 76, the navigiation buttons in No. 112, the colours of No. 11 and the body content of No. 232. This way both you and us know exactly what is being sought and we can very quickly make you a draft version of the site.

We can build pretty much any functionality into any design format so you don't need to worry about whether the site appearence you want will work with the functionality you desire.

Click on any image to enlarge and run a slideshow

This is the prime rage. Click here for the mid-range selection or here for the basics collection


Click here for the prime selection or here for the mid-range collection