• Website project rescue

    Many website development projects run off the rails. There can be many reasons why you do not get your completed project but in many cases we can step in and push the project over the finishing line for you.

    Sometimes it can be quicker and cheaper just to start the website project again but will always do your best to finish rather than re-start. 

    Where we can, we will help you to finish although in some cases that may just not be possible.


Helping put failed development projects back on track

Many church website development projects end up not being completed. There can be numerous reasons why a project is not completed:

the person undertaking the project left
the system used could not deliver what was required
the developer used tools they didn't understand
your site hosting was of the wrong type
the scheme was beyond the developer's skills
you're 95% there but can't crack the last 5%

We can work best where the site has not been prepared using a propriatory system or a commercial packagae such as WordPress or Drupal or an integrated sitebuilder programme that may have been part of a hosting package.

However, if you have some complete pages already published we should be able to re-build a working site from this. Where you have been using a dedicated church building package it is unlikely that we will be able to help.

How we can help

We should be able to help you finish your incomplete website development project:

Complete content management systems

Bring dynamics site features into operation

Add-in new features you require

Make menus work correctly

Install database functions

Solve Javascript issues

Add permission management

Correct CSS errors

Install media elements

Emailing functionality

Form issues; making forms 'sticky'

Cross browser issues

Frame issues