• Give a site a good home

    Every website has to be stored somewhere, and that is the hosting location. Hosting provides page storage, discoverability, controls email, manages uploads and ensures data security.

    Our hosting services run on state-of-the-art Cloud servers providing fast processing, high bandwidth, substantial storage and a host of additional facilities such a backups & website apps.

    Whether or not we built your website, we are more than happy to provide your hosting requirements.


Website hosting

We provide website hosting services both for organisations from whom we have built a website and for those that simply want to rent space on a webserver on which to store their own web pages.

Hosting is a service that provides all of the elements that enable a website to be stored and accessed by visitors providing storage, processing power, bandwidth and access to ensure that web pages load quickly and reliably.

Hosting provides the mechanisms for the website to be located and displayed, databases to carry product data or handle customer information, manages email services, runs spam filtering online, email virus scanning, provides secure server access, operates blogs, provides website applications, runs backups and provides web traffic statistics all within one easy-to-use service control panel.

Different types of sites need different types and levels of website hosting and we offer a range of packages to suit sites with differing needs and at different stages of their development. Our hosting is highly flexible and as your site grows and changes, our hosting facilities can grow with you and we can fashion bespoke hosting packages as required.

Our hosting resources are now Cloud-based meaning that all accounts have 'resource on demand' - in practice, if your site becomes very busy for a short period of time you should not suffer slow access or fall-over. Our servers are UK-based, use Dell hardware, multi-core Intel Xeon™ processors, Centos OS6 Linux operating system, high available RAM, RAID storage and daily 7-day-revolving website and mailbox backups.

FirstStep 5GB of website storage
10GB of monthly traffic
10 mailboxes
Mail virus scans
Spam filitering
10 mailboxes
5 subdomains
2 FTP accounts
Linux Cloud servers
Blogging software

£44 + VAT per annum

NextStep 10GB of website storage
50GB of monthly traffic
20 mailboxes
Mail virus scans
Spam filitering
Webmail service
10 subdomains
5 FTP accounts
5 MySQL Databases
Linux Cloud servers
Selected webapps

£75 + VAT per annum

GiantStep 50GB of website storage
Unlimited monthly traffic
100 mailboxes
Mail virus scans
Spam filitering
Unlimited email aliases
Webmail service
50 subdomains
10 FTP accounts
10 MySQL Databases
Scheduled tasks
Linux Cloud servers
Full range of webapps

£139 + VAT per annum

Ordering hosting

To sign up for webhosting please call the office on 020 8819 5286 and we will set up your account and arrange for payment either online or over the 'phone. Why is hosting not available to buy online? We need to ensure that all applications for hosting are legitimate - there are a lot of applications for hosting by people wanting to run email spam or phishing websites. We need to do our best to ensure that no such accounts are set up on our system.

What hosting do I need?

A basic site only needs basic hosting as the site content is fixed, so you won't need any databases. You will also need only a lower amount of resource - our FirstStep package will be ideal. As your email, webpages, images and media files all share the same storage on our servers, you are likely to need to decent amount of storage even for a small site. Email is likely to use most of your storage.

Even a fairly large website can run on our entry level hosting FirstStep but as soon as you start to need things like content management or collecting data from customers or collecting sign-ups for mailing lists etc, you will need to move up, to the next level - NextStep.

As your organisation grows or your website begins to hold more chunky files like video or audio, you may need to step up our largest package GiantStep. As with all packages having enough space for email is important so if you have a large staff headcount, you may need this larger package.

Any hosting package can be tweaked to your precise requirements - more mailboxes, additional databases, specific web-apps etc. We can tailor a hosting package to pretty much any requirement, so if you need a bespoke package from the start or need to bolt on something we can help. Our ready-made packages are summarised on the left.